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25 September 2011

Hot Pick: Capsicana Chilli Co

Photos: © childsdesign

Capsicana Chilli Co, is based in Hertfordshire and sources the finest dried chillies from around the world. Although all the chillies are imported, they are carefully selected so that only the best are packed for the discerning cook.

Chillies in all their forms have become a favourite of the British whether they are used to flavour curries and Mexican style cuisine or they are sought out by ‘chilli heads’ looking for the ultimate blast of heat.

Ben is passionate about dried chillies and thinks that the best chillies come from plants grown in their natural climates and using local, time honoured techniques to produce the tastiest dried chillies ever.

Being enthusiastic about authentic cuisine means that nearly all the Mexican, Bhut Jolokia, Ancho Poblano chilli recipes on the Capsicana website have been created by outstandingly talented chefs, restaurateurs and food writers from around the world - so you can cook delightfully delicious and authentic food just like you've enjoyed on your travels.

Their service allows you to buy the best chillies online and the dried chillies they supply are grown in regions well known for producing the very best dried chillies in the world. Supplying Mexican, Thai and Indian dried chillies as well as anew range of authentic Mexican herbs and spices; Mexican Oregano, Epazote, Mexican Cinnamon and Annatto Powder.

Ben has also created a chilli sausage blend which he supplies to an extensive list of butchers all over the UK allowing people to buy a Mexican Chorizo sausage which needs to be cooked before eating.

Visit Capsicana Chilli Co on The Artisan Food Trail here

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