31 July 2012

More approvals for Peachey's Preserves

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With the summer's here (well, sort of) it's been good getting out and about and catching up with the food producers on The Artisan Food Trail.
Peachey's Preserves joined us last year as the food trail was born. We first met Janet Peachey back in 2010 at Samphire's open day and were so impressed with her jams and chutneys that we invited her to join us when The Artisan Food Trail was launched in 2011.
One year on, Peachey's Preserves is still with us and we caught up with Janet again at this year's Samphire open day, which meant more preserves to take home and try.

Peachey's Preserves are the real deal. Only the best ingredients go into each jar, much of them sourced and grown locally (they are based in Alburgh, Norfolk). The label says 'handmade' and the ingredients list could easily be understood by your grandmother.
Through careful understanding of preserve making and thoughtful use of ingredients, the contents of every jar is a delight.

We tried three more to see whether they'd meet our approval:

Beetroot & Apple Chutney
You'd be mistaken for thinking that this tastes very 'pickley', it is nothing like the heavily vinegared beetroot you might find. The chutney is light and refreshing with a fine and slightly crisp texture and some sweetness from the apple and raisins. Spices have been added with a lightness of touch to give just enough background interest and the vinegar is not at all overpowering. But what makes it less 'pickley' and more subtle is the complete absence of onions or garlic which can often overtake all the other flavours.
Perfect with cold meats, baked potato and salad.

Rhubarb & Ginger Jam
Perfects partners meet in this zingy jam, the flavours burst with a sherbet-like flourish on the tongue. Like homemade jam it is soft-set and slips off a spoon quite nicely on to a hunk of bread, over some yogurt or into a bowl of steaming porridge. Breakfast becomes a real pleasure.
Obviously it is wonderful just as a sweet preserve, but the tartness from the rhubarb and the warmth from the ginger make it an ideal accompaniment to cold meats or even cheese.

Damson Jam
If the damson is to be celebrated it is truly honoured in this jam. The high fruit content and big chunks of pure pluminess are right to the fore. It's a damson jam that tastes of damsons! Well of course it should, but we bet you've had a jam that you've struggled to find the full essence of the fruit it was supposed to be made from. The fruit has been picked and 'jammed' when at its optimum guaranteeing the full flavour and tang from the skins.
Great lavishly spread on toast or as a companion to venison and game
– we immediately thought of duck.

We are pleased to award Peachey's Preserves our 'Artisan Food Trail Approved' status for their Beetroot & Apple Chutney, Rhubarb & Ginger Jam and Damson Jam.

To find out more about Peachey's Preserves visit their page on 
The Artisan Food Trail here

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