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7 May 2013

Sweet Heat: Capsicana Sweet Chilli Sauce approved

Photo: © Capsicana Chilli Co

In the second of our reviews of Capsicana Chilli Co’s new chilli sauces, the next taste testing session was Sweet Chilli Sauce.

On first impression, the sauce is an attractive jewel red colour and has a good consistency. It’s not too thick or too runny, although tapping the bottom of the upended bottle helps to get things moving on first use.

The flavour is well balanced with just the right amount of sweetness which avoids being cloying as it is offset by the tang of vinegar. The heat level is just right so that it doesn’t compete with or overpower other foods.
We really like the addition of fresh root ginger for added zing and also the sparse amount of chilli seeds. Often, other sweet chilli sauces have so many pesky pips that it detracts from the enjoyment as they get stuck in your teeth.
The level of garlic is good too – a background hum that enhances the overall flavour and doesn’t have an odd lingering aftertaste.

As usual, we managed to try it on pretty much everything and in honour of its Asian influenced ingredients, the first meal was a chicken and vegetable fried rice dish. The sauce was the perfect complement.
Continuing on the Asian/Oriental theme it is great as a simple dip for rice crackers or in which to dunk a spring roll. Other foods to dip could include crab cakes, fish goujons or even scampi. It’s great with vegetables too and a delicious accompaniment for sweetcorn fritters or these courgette fritters that we featured last year.
Partnering well with chicken and pork, we wouldn’t hesitate in adding a dollop to a sausage sandwich.

Being 100% handmade in small batches in the UK, containing no artificial ingredients and suitable for vegans, Sweet Chilli Sauce Sauce gets our seal of approval.

We are pleased to award Capsicana Chilli Co our 'Artisan Food Trail Approved' status for their Sweet Chilli Sauce.

To find out more about Capsicana Chilli Co visit their page on The Artisan Food Trail here. You'll find links to their website where you can buy the sauces online.

Look out for more reviews on the rest of the chilli sauce range coming soon!

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