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22 June 2013

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot: Capsicana's Bhut Jolokia Sauces approved

Photo: Capsicana Chilli Co

The consumption of very hot chilli sauces has become something of a British pastime. Whether it is the pain equals pleasure principle or just plain bravado on the part of some ‘chilli-heads’ there are probably enough extremely hot chilli products out there to keep them happy. But is there room for more?
Capsicana included two hot chilli sauces in their range especially for fans of the extreme – Bhut Jolokia Sauce and Hot Bhut Jolokia Sauce.

We found the regular version quite hot enough, but it really isn’t just all about the heat. Being made with just two percent Bhut Jolokia (the rest of the sauce is made up of other chillies and no chilli extract) it isn’t hard to appreciate just how fiery the Bhut Jolokia is, but wow, the flavour is amazing.

If you’re not used to spicy food, we must warn you to go easy on the first taste. The burn doesn’t arrive until after about 15 seconds of putting it in your mouth. The initial effect is very much a taste sensation that bursts with a vibrant fruitiness reminiscent of limes and tropical flavours.
Then ignition. The capsaicin oils unleash a legion of little devils, running around releasing their incendiary devices all over your tongue. The gums may tingle too.

As crazy as it sounds, if you can get past the pain, it is possible to focus on the flavours.
The burning normally subsides after about 15-30 minutes, by which time – in our case anyway – you’ll want to do it all over again.

The Hot version is not for the faint-hearted. You have been warned!

So what do the Bhut Jolokia Sauces go with? Well that’s up to you.
Be daring and if you become hooked (which is possible) you’ll want to put them on everything!

Being 100% handmade in small batches in the UK, containing no artificial ingredients, gluten free and suitable for vegans, these Bhut Jolokia sauces get our seal of approval.

We are pleased to award Capsicana Chilli Co our 'Artisan Food Trail Approved' status for their Bhut Jolokia Sauce and Hot Bhut Jolokia Sauce.

To find out more about Capsicana Chilli Co visit their page on The Artisan Food Trail here. You'll find links to their website where you can buy the sauces online.

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