10 September 2013

Summer’s almost gone but the strawberry lives on

Photo: © childsdesign

The strawberry is a fruit that’s the epitome of a fine English summer. Already the blissful sunny days, butterflies fluttering by and the air buzzing with diligent bees is becoming a fading memory. Perhaps we’re getting a little too poetic in lamenting the past season but at least it is still possible to enjoy the flavours for a while longer with a jar of proper strawberry jam.

Strawberry jam from Peachey’s Preserves is pure and simple. Ingredients: strawberries, sugar and nothing else. Janet Peachey prefers to use locally grown fruit where possible and this particular batch of strawberries has made a wonderfully fragrant jam, the jar filled to bursting with good chunks of berries.

Enjoy in the normal way, slathered on bread, toast or on a tea time scone with cream.
Make a Victoria sponge the talk of the table or drizzle over some scoops of cool vanilla ice cream.

We are pleased to award Peachey's Preserves our 'Artisan Food Trail Approved' status for their Strawberry Jam.

To find out more about Peachey's Preserves visit their page on 
The Artisan Food Trail here

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