13 June 2014

Lewis of London dairy ice cream scoops Approval

Photo: © Lewis of London

The sun is shining, the temperature's rising and we think summer is finally here. The British weather can be sometimes be a little unreliable but when glorious balmy days finally hit there's nothing better than enjoying a cool and creamy ice cream. Whether licked from a cone or spooned from a bowl nothing beats the taste of real dairy ice cream.

At The Artisan Food Trail we concentrate on producers who use great quality 'real' ingredients, so that means no unnecessary artificial additives or bulking agents– things that can often be found in mass produced ice creams.
To be called 'dairy' ice cream it must contain a minimum of 5% milk fat, anything less than this is just plain 'ice cream' and may contain vegetable fats.

We recently indulged in some delicious dairy ice cream from Lewis of London which is made on their farm in Barnet. Made using milk and cream from their own dairy herd it really is a 'field to tub' product.
As we enjoyed a couple of cones grabbed at a recent food festival, we're afraid there are no pictures, so we hope the current photo will help to remind you what to look out for.

The two flavours we tried were good old-fashioned raspberry ripple and
rather refreshing Alfonso Mango. Both have an exceptionally smooth texture – a sure sign that the ice cream is frozen and churned well to keep the ice crystals very small.
We like the fact that the ice creams are not overly sweet and with the raspberry ripple, the clean fresh flavour of the milk and cream comes through. The raspberry sauce tastes of real fruit and is slightly sharp in a pleasing way.
The mango ice cream has real wow factor when it comes to taste. The fragrance and freshness of the fruit is really to the fore.

We are pleased to award Lewis of London our 'Artisan Food Trail Approved' status for their Raspberry Ripple Dairy Ice Cream and Alfonso Mango Dairy Ice Cream.

To find out more about Lewis of London visit their page on The Artisan Food Trail here

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