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3 August 2014

Mr Filbert’s French Rosemary Almonds Approved

Photo: © childsdesign
Of all the garden herbs, rosemary has to be one of our favourites with its heady fragrance and wonderful aromatic flavour. There’s nothing like a good sniff of rosemary to lift the spirits and clear the head.
It complements lots of different foods too especially lamb but is equally good with chicken, roasted vegetables or even fish. It only takes a little sprig of rosemary to infuse a dish because the leaves are so full of oils.

© Mr Filbert's
Mr Filbert’s have used rosemary to create a delicious coating for their French Rosemary Almonds. We happily munched our way through a bag of them one evening along with a glass of dry sherry.

The almonds are fresh and crisp and roasted using Mr Filbert’s hot air method with a little rapeseed oil and sugar as a glaze to help stick the rosemary and sea salt to the nuts. Nothing else is added so that the nuts are all totally natural as well as being completely gluten and dairy free.

We like the glossy, slightly sweet coating which is not overly salty and the rosemary give little hints of herbal perfume.
All in all a perfect combination which is decidedly moreish.

We are pleased to award Mr Filbert's our 'Artisan Food Trail Approved' status for their French Rosemary Almonds.

To find out more about Filbert's Fine Foods visit their page on The Artisan Food Trail here.

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