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7 April 2015

Flavours of India from Spice Kitchen

Photo: © childsdesign
The Artisan Food Trail kitchen is always well stocked with spices because we are lovers of food with real flavour and like to make meals from scratch including curries.
We certainly appreciate good quality spices too so were please to receive a parcel from one of our newest members Spice Kitchen recently.
There is no mistaking the contents either. Even before the parcel is opened, a wonderful aroma wafts from the packaging.

Birmingham based Spice Kitchen specialises in high quality hand-blended and home-ground Indian spices.
Mother and son team, Shashi and Sanjay Aggarwal personally source and quality control every ingredient to make sure only the best is ground, blended and packaged to reach the customer at its best.

Inside our package is a handmade drawstring pouch, the fabric stitched by Shashi herself, filled with ten individually bagged spices – 10 Indian Spices.
In fact, everything you need to make a decent curry.

Click for larger image Photo: © childsdesign
Whole spices include heavenly scented green cardamom pods, sweet pungent cloves, fragrant woody cinnamon sticks, savoury earthy cumin seeds and hot mustard seeds.
There are also curry leaves which are essential for south Indian curries.

Ground spices include a gorgeous bright red Kashmiri chilli, deep golden yellow turmeric and mild yet citrus-like coriander.
Finally there’s Garam Masala, a spice blend important to Indian cuisine. This one is Spice Kitchen’s own special blend and imparts a warm and deeply aromatic flavour.

The depth of aroma and colour are a clear indication of quality and freshness but the true intensity was really revealed when we cooked with them. We will be posting the results and recipes in the near future.

Although we received the ‘loose’ spices to try, Spice Kitchen sell the traditional Indian storage tin known as a Masala Dabba to keep spices fresh and convenient to use.
It is important to look after spices carefully to retain flavour, colour and freshness.
Many people tend to keep their spices in glass jars in a rack on the kitchen wall but this is not the best way to store them as light as well as heat from the stove can have a detrimental effect and the spices will not last as long.
Spices should be kept in a cool, dark place (although not the fridge) to maintain them at their best.

We were impressed with the overall quality and we’re looking forward to using in more of our cooking.

We are pleased to award Spice Kitchen our 'Artisan Food Trail Approved' status for their 10 Indian Spices.

To find out more about Spice Kitchen visit their page on The Artisan Food Trail here.

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  1. Thanks so much for your lovely review and amazing pictures! Enjoy the spices. X